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Pros of Installing an LPG Boiler

If you currently have an oil boiler because you're disconnected from mains gas, making the switch to LPG couldn’t be easier, and it's beneficial too... LPG boilers are low maintenance, are cheaper to run than oil and are generally much better for the environment. Keep reading to find out the other benefits of LPG boilers...

LPG tanks are easy to install

LPG boilers are cheaper to replace and install; the same applies to the storage tank too. In addition to being cheaper, LPG boilers are low maintenance and are more energy-efficient, helping you save more money on your energy bills. This falls into comparison to oil-fired boilers that create soot build up over time, affecting the performance of the boiler in the long-run. 

Easier to manage your bills

The price of LPG gas is usually set for the following year, so you know exactly how much you will paying. This gives you peace of mind in knowing the prices are not going to shoot up unexpectedly, allowing you to budget for the future a lot easier. This peace of mind does not come with oil, as its price fluctuates constantly depending on the current demand.

LPG is better than oil

LPG heating is much greener than oil and relies less heavily on fossil fuels. As well this, it releases much less CO2 into the environment when burnt, lowering your carbon footprint considerably. LPG is non-toxic and non-corrosive, reducing the risks of danger and contamination.

Easy to cook with LPG

LPG cookers are very similar to using mains gas, as you can easily switch from electricity to cooking with a flame. This is the best way to control the temperature you are cooking at, giving you great results every time. LPG cooking also gives you quick ignition and a visible blue flame.

Need an LPG boiler in Bury, Manchester..?

If you are not on mains gas, installing an LPG boiler is a no brainer to save yourself the stress and extra costs that come with oil-fired boilers. Here at Richards Simmonds Heating Ltd, we install LPG boilers in the Greater Manchester area, covering Bury, Bolton, Tottington, Ramsbottom, Sale, Manchester, Middleton, Stockport, Worsley, Swinton and all of the surrounding areas.
For more information, or to arrange a quote, please give us a call on 0161 943 6622 or fill out or handy contact form. We hope to hear from you soon.